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availableGroupwise 6.5 for Linux (eval. kit)
availableIBM developerWorks Linux Software (eval. kit)
availableSuse Linux Enterprise Server 8 (eval. kit)

Books Category

checked out Linux in a Windows World
availableAnt - The Definitive Guide
availableAnt - The Definitive Guide (2nd edition)
availableApache - The Definitive Guide
availableAsterisk: The Future of Telephony
availableBuilding Secure Servers with Linux
availableCVS Pocket Reference (2nd edition)
availableDNS and Bind
availableDesign and Usability of Digital Libraries
availableDesigning And Using ActiveX Controls
availableEssential System Administration
availableGet The Picture You Want: Essential Digital Photography Techniques
checked outGetting Hits: The Definitive Guide to Promoting Your Website
availableHTTP: The Definitive Guide
availableHacking Java
availableHardware Hacking Projects for Geeks
availableHigh Performance Linux Clusters
availableHow Linux Works: What Every Superuser Should Know
availableHow to Program C++
checked outIPv6 Essentials
availableInternet Applications with Visual C++
availableJavascript - The Definitive Guide (4th edition)
checked outJust For Fun: The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary
availableKerberos - The Definitive Guide
availableKnoppix Hacks
availableLDAP System Administration
availableLearning Perl
checked outLearning the bash Shell
checked outLinux Complete
checked outLinux Cookbook
availableLinux Desktop Pocket Guide
availableLinux Pocket Guide
availableLinux Server Hacks
availableLinux Server Hacks (2nd copy)
availableLinux Unleashed
availableLinux for Non-Geeks
availableLinux for Non-Geeks (2nd copy)
availableMastering Borland C++
availableMastering Regular Expressions
availableMastering Turbo Assembler
availableMono: A Developer's Notebook
availableReal World XML
availableSELinux: NSA's Open Source Security Enhanced Linux
availableSecurity Warrior
availableSendmail (2nd Ed)
availableSpeed Up Your Site - Web Site Optimization
availableSquid: The Definitive Guide
availableSystem Analysis and Design
availableTCP/IP Network Administration
availableThe Complete FreeBSD
checked outThe Exim SMTP Mail Server
availableThe Linux Cookbook (2nd edition)
availableThe Linux Enterprise Cluster
availableThe Linux TCP/IP Stack: Networking for Embedded Systems
availableThe Official GNOME2 Developer's Guide
availableThe Principles of Computer Hardware
availableThe Ruby Programming Language
availableThe SuSE Linux Server
availableUbuntu Up And Running
checked outUbuntu for Non-Geeks - 2nd Edition
availableUnix System V: A Practical Guide
availableVersion Control With Git
availableVersion Control with Subversion
availableWicked Cool Shell Scripts